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  • 1. What is the total length of your cohesive bandage tape?
    Our cohesive bandage tape has a generous total length of 4.5 meters, providing extensive coverage and versatility during use.
  • 2. Do you offer custom packaging options?
    Yes, we do offer custom packaging options, allowing you to tailor the presentation of our cohesive bandage tape to your specific preferences and branding needs
  • 3. How easy is it to tear the cohesive bandage tape, and does it withstand movements without ripping?
    Our tape is designed to be easy to tear for convenient application. Importantly, it is engineered to withstand rigorous movements, ensuring it won't rip during action.
  • 4. What is the width of each roll of cohesive bandage tape?
    Each roll of our cohesive bandage tape comes with a comfortable 3-inch width, providing optimal coverage and support for various applications.
  • 5. How many color options are available for the cohesive bandage tape?
    We offer a wide variety of colors with 22 different options available. This allows you to choose colors that align with your team's identity or personal preferences.
  • 6. How is the cohesive bandage tape packaged?
    The cohesive bandage tape is packaged in plain white boxes of 12 units, which is then packed into a bigger “carton”. Each carton contains an impressive 192 rolls.
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