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Welcome to Accelerate Football - Sports Accessories, where excellence meets innovation in the world of athletic support.


Our Passion for Athletics

At Accelerate Football, we breathe sports. Our passion for athletics drives us to deliver top-tier products that empower athletes and sporting clubs to reach new heights. Whether you're a professional player or a local team, we believe that the right gear can make all the difference.


Premium Cohesive Bandage Tape

Our flagship product, the premium cohesive bandage tape, is more than just a roll of support. With a total length of 4.5 meters, it offers extensive coverage and adaptability for various applications. Engineered for durability, it's easy to tear for convenient use, yet stands resilient against the most intense movements.


Customization and Variety

We understand the importance of individuality and team spirit. That's why we offer custom packaging options and a stunning array of 22 different colours. Your style, your identity – our cohesive bandage tape becomes a statement of unity and performance.

Efficiency in Every Roll

With each roll being 3 inches in width, our cohesive bandage tape provides optimal support and coverage. Packaged in cartons containing 192 rolls, we ensure you have a consistent and reliable supply, ready for every practice, game, or training session.


Commitment to Excellence

At Accelerate Football, we believe that consistency and attention to detail are the keys to successful practices. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our products – it's embedded in our customer service. We're not just selling cohesive bandage tape; we're fostering partnerships with sporting clubs and athletes who strive for greatness.


Let's Talk Sports

We would love the opportunity to connect with you. Whether you have questions, want to discuss custom orders, or just talk product, we’re here. Let's schedule a time to speak or catch up with your team. Together, let's explore the possibilities and elevate your game with Accelerate Football - Sports Accessories.


Thank you for being part of our journey.




Product Details

Material Type

Non woven cohesive bandage is made of 90% non woven + 10% spandex.


3 inches



4.5 meters (worth of stretch)


 Box Quantity

12 Rolls (per colour)


Carton Quantity

16 Box = 192 Rolls (per colour)


22 vibrant options available.

Key Benefits

Exceptional Support

Engineered for optimal joint and muscle support, ensuring peak performance in training and competition.


Swift Recovery

Compression capabilities reduce swelling,

promoting faster recovery and natural healing.


Unmatched Flexibility

Unlike traditional tapes, our Cohesive Tape

provides natural movement without compromising support.


Effortless Application

 Hassle-free self-adherent feature for easy adjustment during games – no clips or fasteners needed.


Non-Slip Reliability

Stays in place, adhering to itself, eliminating concerns about slipping or peeling during intense activity.


Versatile Use

Ideal for injury support, securing bandages, creating custom grips, and additional rehabilitation support.


Comfortable and Breathable

Soft, breathable material conforms to the body, ensuring a comfortable experience throughout the game.


Customization Options

Express your style with a variety of colors to match club or team requirements – 21 vibrant options available.

Our Colours


Exceptional Support

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